Community Workshops & Lectures

Photography by James Knox

The Jazz & Democracy Project® community workshops offer all the benefits of the school workshops, only this time prepared for larger community or school groups. This includes assemblies and evening events for students K-12 with their siblings and parents, along with administrators, faculty and staff. These larger community workshops have succeeded in the early evening as 90 minute workshops plus a community meal, and they provide a valuable and interactive learning opportunity for your entire school or organizational community. Previous participants appreciated that they were learning something new side-by-side with their children.

Note: Schools and organizations may contract for as few as one workshop, or for a longer series. Pricing for the various lengths is available upon request.


J&D Founder, Dr. Wes, has also lectured at the college level, and is available to discuss the jazz-as-democracy metaphor within a variety of fields: African American Studies, American Studies, Education, History, Music and Political Science. See Dr. Wes’ TEDxFillmore Talk as just one example:

\"Passing the Baton: From the Jazz Masters to American Democracy\"
TED Talk by J&D Founder, Wesley J. Watkins, IV, Ph.D.
October 5th, 2012 @ TEDxFillmore
Topic: Jazz Masters as Practitioners of American Democratic Ideals