J&D addresses the following California standards in 5th Grade:

History-Social Science (United States History and Geography: Making a New Nation)

Historical Interpretation:

3. Students identify and interpret the multiple causes and effects of historical events.

5.7 Students describe the people and events associated with the development of the U.S. Constitution and analyze the Constitution’s significance as the foundation of the American republic.

3. Understand the fundamental principles of American constitutional democracy, including how the government derives its power from the people and the primacy of individual liberty.

4. Understand how the Constitution is designed to secure our liberty by both empowering and limiting central government and compare the powers granted to citizens, Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court with those reserved to the states.

5. Discuss the meaning of the American creed that calls on citizens to safeguard the liberty of individual Americans within a unified nation, to respect the rule of law, and to preserve the Constitution.

Visual and Performing Arts - Music

1.0 Artistic Perception

Listen to, Analyze, and Describe Music

1.4 Analyze the use of music elements in aural examples from various genres and cultures.

1.6 Identify and describe music forms, including theme and variations and twelve-bar blues.

2.0 Creative Expression

Apply Vocal and Instrumental Skills

2.1 Sing a varied repertoire of music, including rounds, descants, and songs with ostinatos and songs in two-part harmony, by oneself and with others.

2.2 Use classroom instruments to play melodies and accompaniments from a varied repertoire of music from diverse cultures, including rounds, descants, and ostinatos and two part harmony, by oneself and with others.

Compose, Arrange, and Improvise

2.3 Compose, improvise, and perform basic rhythmic, melodic, and chordal patterns independently onclassroom instruments.

3.0 Historical and Cultural Context

Role of Music

3.1 Describe the social functions of a variety of musical forms from various cultures and time periods (e.g., folk songs, dances).

Diversity of Music

3.3 Sing and play music from diverse cultures and time periods.

3.4 Describe the influence of various cultures and historical events on musical forms and styles.

3.5 Describe the influences of various cultures on the music of the United States.

4.0 Aesthetic Valuing

Analyze and Critically Assess

4.1 Identify and analyze differences in tempo and dynamics in contrasting music selections.

Derive Meaning

4.2 Develop and apply appropriate criteria to support personal preferences for specific musical works.

5.0 Connections, Relationships, Applications

Connections and Applications

5.1 Explain the role of music in community events.